Thank God for cats & bad dates

Earlier this year, when I still had faith in dating apps, I went out with a guy who was a self-proclaimed Disney addict—which is a quality in a person that I have never understood. I should have known right then and there that this date was doomed to fail, but alas—me and my open mind. … More Thank God for cats & bad dates

A Failure to See

I see youWalking down a tightrope,Gun to back.You are smilingbutI seethe beads of sweatthat gather at your collarAs the crowd roars. I’m watching youWatch your self worthrise and fallthrough another’s eyes.Eyes that confuseand misconstrue.Eyes that can’tSee. Look at me and answer honest:Aren’t you tired?Aren’t you anxious?Aren’t you wishing they would just let up?I bet if … More A Failure to See

A Poem for Passover

John, did you know?Sitting cross-leggedknees brushingwith deity,that this meal would be the last? That the hands,breaking bread andgiving thanks,would tomorrow bleed?That the face,raining grace andbeaming pride,would tomorrow hide?Cloakedin the shame thatrightfully belonged to us. Peter, did you know?That by the third crowyou would disownthe one who called youand made you his own? The light of … More A Poem for Passover

Springtime Rain

The joy that springs from hard places cannotbe shaken.Although, it canbe stirred—tears melting—as hardened hearts unthaw,seeing gracious the hand which withholds.(or trusts it to be) The work of reconciling the what-ifs with the have-nots;The work of sowing unseen seedsin the desert.Low yieldsyear after year.Yet hoping and prayinga welcome rain will one day comewaking seeds from … More Springtime Rain

On Writing.

Sometimes, I feel the need to write—not just for myself, but for an audience. An audience of who, I’m not sure.Maybe you.Maybe myself.Maybe just my cat. Sometimes, I feel the need to write—so I can remember, reflect, record. So I can go back later—after time does its duty transforming moments to memories—and let the words … More On Writing.

Poem for a Friend

She shifts in her chairunsure and unawareof what the future holdsor who might hold her. Because a road diverged into the woodand she certainly took the oneless travelled. Her feet tread a steeper path,but even stillshe remains steadfast.She sets her gazeon God’s faceand trains her mindto findthe good, perfect, lovely, and kind. Her life is … More Poem for a Friend

An Ode to Love

I love rich, dark coffee cut with just the right amount of cream.I love mountains— the dreamy greens and hazy blues. But even more, I love them rocky, wild, untethered, and snow-capped. I love when adventures go sideways because they make for great stories.I love hotel beds. They always tuck in the sheets so tight … More An Ode to Love

Sister Virtues

I have two friends. Their names are Grace and Hope. They are sisters. Grace is a sweet soul. She swirls and dances, always offers the last bite, always gives the benefit of the doubt. She’s far too trusting. And so, she always ends up in places she shouldn’t be, making acquaintances with people she shouldn’t … More Sister Virtues


It’s taking the dirt road home, not because it’s quicker, but because it’s beautiful. It’s eye contact, “how are yous,” and hugs that comfortably linger. It’s the gentle squeeze of my palm in your palm at the word “amen.” And when they remember, “no sugar, just a little cream,” at the local coffee shop because … More Intention


Colorado backcountry. Mountain air. Ungodly early, dark skies. Sore back. Cold toes. Shallow breaths under rattling polyester. Eye lashes flutter open, revealing only silhouette. My cousin lays next to me, motionless. On her back. Suddenly, she whispers. “Michelle, are you awake?” I pause. There is no air. Only adrenaline-fueled electricity and static. “Yea.” Outside our … More Quiet