Photo by Mallory Walker

It’s taking the dirt road home, not because it’s quicker, but because it’s beautiful.

It’s eye contact, “how are yous,” and hugs that comfortably linger.

It’s the gentle squeeze of my palm in your palm at the word “amen.”

And when they remember, “no sugar, just a little cream,” at the local coffee shop because you’re a regular.

It’s when people address you by your first name, out loud.

And pushing through the pain to finish all 13.1 miles, because this is what you signed up for, after all.

It’s stars in the midnight sky.

And the hands that hold them there.

It’s pierced hands and lips that whisper, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

It’s having the audacity to hope in a world where others scoff.

And holding your own heart as gently as you’d hold someone else’s.

It’s rare, thoughtful, deliberate, and kind.

If you’ve ever embraced it, it’s utterly unforgettable.

-Intention, a daily prompt for the #hopewriterlife writing challenge. 💛

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