Hi there, I’m Michelle.

I’m a dreamer and an idealist; I also love popcorn with a ferociousness that is, in all honesty, probably not healthy. And I hate to admit, but I am intensely lazy, and most days I’d rather spray my hair with dry shampoo than actually make the effort to take a shower.

I have a kitten named Luna and a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing. And I’m a true Peacemaker personality type – Enneagram 9, Meyer Briggs INFJ (it’s a blessing and a curse, what can I say). The outdoors are one of my favorite places, and someday I hope I get to dwell in the wild mountains of the west. The mountains are where my soul has always felt most free.

If we were together in person, I’d make you some coffee and we’d go for a hike… then we’d return and have a good heart to heart on my couch, where one of us would probably cry. IT’S FINE, WE’RE FINE. If I was feeling brave, I’d tell you the story about when I heard the gospel for the first time. And when I understood who Jesus really was, and is. How his death on the cross was actually for me; how God loves us so ardently and so truly, that He would rather come for us and die, than to have our many imperfections and insecurities keep us separated from him forever. I realized this and it has changed my life, everything. I don’t fully understand how God can change a heart, but this I know: He has changed mine.

I hope you find yourself right at home here. And thanks a bundle for stopping by. ♥