Hi there, I’m Michelle.

I’m a dreamer and an idealist; I also love popcorn with a ferociousness that is, in all honesty, probably not healthy. And I hate to admit, but I am intensely lazy, and most days I’d rather spray my hair with dry shampoo than actually make the effort to take a shower.

One day, I hope to reside in the wild mountains of the west. The mountains are where my soul feels free.

I have recently acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Michigan State University. What I will do with it, not even I know, for my creative heart keeps pulling me in other directions.

During my time at Michigan State I heard the gospel, and understood for the first time who Jesus really was, and is. How his death on the cross is actually for me; how God loves me so ardently and so truly, that He would rather come for me and die, than to have my many imperfections and insecurities keep us separated forever. I realized this and it has changed my life, everything. I don’t fully understand how God can change a heart, but this I know: He has changed mine.

This blog exists to share hope and adventure, grace and truth. The content at fancifullove is laced with whimsy and honesty. Grab your favorite mug and stay a while. Let your tired soul expand.

You are welcome here.

Photo credit: Emily Tracht Photography