A Poem for Passover

John, did you know?
Sitting cross-legged
knees brushing
with deity,
that this meal would be the last?

That the hands,
breaking bread and
giving thanks,
would tomorrow bleed?
That the face,
raining grace and
beaming pride,
would tomorrow hide?
in the shame that
rightfully belonged to us.

Peter, did you know?
That by the third crow
you would disown
the one who called you
and made you his own?

The light of the world has come,
he’s having dinner with his friends.
Takes a towel
Fills a basin of water
Washes the feet of his betrayer,
tells him not to tarry.
Judas, did you know?

Tell me, do you know?
That he was pierced for (y)our transgressions,
sent to utter darkness?
But the light was yet aflame.
Three days later,

Do you know?
Tell me, do you know?

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