A Failure to See

I see you
Walking down a tightrope,
Gun to back.
You are smiling
I see
the beads of sweat
that gather at your collar
As the crowd roars.

I’m watching you
Watch your self worth
rise and fall
through another’s eyes.
Eyes that confuse
and misconstrue.
Eyes that can’t

Look at me and answer honest:
Aren’t you tired?
Aren’t you anxious?
Aren’t you wishing they would just let up?
I bet if you fell,
If you gave up the game,
If you got tired enough
to let yourself fall—
You’d find arms to catch you.
You’d find Eyes that would look into yours
And finally
reflect back

You are broken,
You are falling,
You are reaching for all the wrong things.

But the Arms that reach
for you
are sure
and steady.
They pull you close
And cover you.

You must be tired.
You must be anxious.
The sooner you accept your
The sooner you can let God’s divinity
Embrace you.

Please fall.

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