Benediction for the Restless Heart

May you wake up each day, with praise on your heart, remembering how deeply God cares. How he deals with you in loving kindness, and how all his ways to you are good.

May you find rest for your soul, peace for your mind, and hope for the journey, recalling God’s sovereignty and all his life-giving plans. May you find joy in recounting all the good he has already done for you.

May you open your heart to receive love from all sorts of places. And may you freely give love, to every and all.

May the only fear you let dictate your steps be the holy and righteous fear of the Lord – the one who is with you, for you, and who never fails.

May you live on this day’s manna alone, and not fret for the future before it has even arrived. Walk by faith, one moment at a time. You have enough for today.

And may you always rejoice exactly where you are at.