Careful Dancer


I watched a leaf blow, suspended midair by celestial threads.

Caught in a careless and indiscernible breeze, she danced upon invisible floors and twirled around transparent fingers, a solo act. She was breathtaking and wonderful. So unexpected, so abrupt. So delicate and delightful. Swept immediately into a trance, I sat agape- this pleasing leaf, this careful dancer, full of beauty and innocence and grace. She spoke so many effortless words in one single sweep. She taught wisdom in her intentionality, surrender in her spontaneity. Her movements were mindful yet unplanned. She was the music and she was the delicate footfalls to follow, an orchestration divine. Seizing each present moment with an exquisite flutter, she was a waltz unrehearsed. Restraint and release; a lovely dance.

I lifted my eyes above the computer monitor for but a split second, and beheld beauty.


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