On Pursuing Your Passions

I am a woman who grew up a girl, dirt under fingernails and tangles in hair. I spent the days of my youth outdoors, running, dreaming. Sprinting the perimeter of my backyard, I would envision myself galloping on four legs, not my own. Engulfed by visions of freedom and strength, I would ride, not run. Ripping through fields atop my imaginary steed, the sensation of a wind-blown mane flapping against my bare knuckles was nearly tangible. I bought my first real pony in the seventh grade. … More On Pursuing Your Passions

Bit of Love

“And now I can feel things turning, slowly. I can feel this tiny, fragile writer person getting bigger, like a candle flame growing. Tonight is a writing night, and I feel giddy, antsy, bold in a new way. I feel like I have a secret: I am becoming something else. On the outside, I look … More Bit of Love