Springtime Rain

The joy that springs from hard places cannotbe shaken.Although, it canbe stirred—tears melting—as hardened hearts unthaw,seeing gracious the hand which withholds.(or trusts it to be) The work of reconciling the what-ifs with the have-nots;The work of sowing unseen seedsin the desert.Low yieldsyear after year.Yet hoping and prayinga welcome rain will one day comewaking seeds from … More Springtime Rain

The Words that Hold it All Together

It’s late August now in Michigan, and crickets croak in the afternoon heat. Their song is comforting and smooth, a predictable symphony that will usher in a Midwest autumn. By September the leaves will start to turn. Cinnamon and nutmeg, cardigans and leather boots. Burgundy, eggplant. The seasons won’t delay. But, right now it’s still the in-between, with both sticky air … More The Words that Hold it All Together