The Christmas Story

On a quiet night in Bethlehem, a curious plan was about to unfold. It was God’s plan. And just like any complex and moving story, it was a plan with moving characters and moving parts. It involved angels and shepherds and women and men; it spanned over decades and throughout generations. It was a story … More The Christmas Story

Bit of Love

Feel the sun shining down on you— its tangible warmth, its gentle glow— and know: Christ’s love for you is far greater, and far more real, than even the sun that drapes across your bare shoulders. This is your one true identity.

Miles to Paris

So many miles that separate, but let us unite. Let us be brave. Please let us be brave. In a whisper, let us be brave enough to feel. I ask my own hardened heart to be opened and touched raw by tragedy and injustice; to awaken from its comfortable slumber with widened eyes, taking in the horror. … More Miles to Paris