About The Blog


I haven’t really decided how I’m going to do this blog… I’ll probably just sort of make it up as I go. I say this in the context of blogging, but really I also mean this as a mantra of sorts for my life right now. Because that’s how post-grad feels sometimes.

To be sure, you will find Jesus in the pages. You will find stories about life, stories about trying to both weave and find God’s hand in the daily narrative. Like something to grasp for, in a world that is fast and hard and astonishingly holy.

You might also find some things about baking, painting, mountains or adventure, as these are things that make me feel close to God. I can get lost in these things. They scream and whisper to me at the same time, truthfully telling me how I am a woman made in the image of a great Creator.

I love to write encouraging, sweet and truthful things; I think my blogging style will probably draw in more women than men. That being said, if you are a guy and you have found yourself here you must be incredibly manly and good looking, with excellent taste.

Let’s be friends.