Beautiful Storm

I remember it well – the wild way the fog held close to the peaks of those blue mountains, trapped in clefts and crevices like slow, low-hanging clouds. The white vapor hung precariously, as though it wanted to rise but had hit a glass ceiling, an impenetrable wall. So, it settled instead. The sky was the lightest, most fragile shade of cotton … More Beautiful Storm

Keeping a Warm Soul (Waiting for May)

It’s late January. The month of my birth, and the first month of the year, it is also the month when my aging body grows tired of the cold. When my bones ache from the freeze. January, for me, is when the charm of winter starts to fade just as quickly as the pure white snow can turn itself muddy and gray. Christmas has come. Jesus and the New Year have come, … More Keeping a Warm Soul (Waiting for May)

Make Room for Change: Welcoming the New Year

Boxes and boxes. So many boxes. And in the kitchen pantry- six bags of Meijer brand powdered sugar. Cooking utensils lay naked on the counter top in anticipatory use; they too will soon find themselves packaged up, stored away. Clothes and old snow boots are sprawled across the sun-drenched July floor. It’s nine in the … More Make Room for Change: Welcoming the New Year


This song + a sprinkle of fresh snow give me the good chills. Come and see what God has done.

Miles to Paris

So many miles that separate, but let us unite. Let us be brave. Please let us be brave. In a whisper, let us be brave enough to feel. I ask my own hardened heart to be opened and touched raw by tragedy and injustice; to awaken from its comfortable slumber with widened eyes, taking in the horror. … More Miles to Paris