Bit of Love

Feel the sun shining down on you— its tangible warmth, its gentle glow— and know: Christ’s love for you is far greater, and far more real, than even the sun that drapes across your bare shoulders. This is your one true identity.

Careful Dancer

I watched a leaf blow, suspended midair by celestial threads. Caught in a careless and indiscernible breeze, she danced upon invisible floors and twirled around transparent fingers, a solo act. She was breathtaking and wonderful. So unexpected, so abrupt. So delicate and delightful. 


This song + a sprinkle of fresh snow give me the good chills. Come and see what God has done.

Bit of Love

“But I have found the strength of a tender and loving God in my weakness. Under the powder of my shattered heart, I have discovered the glue that binds up my brokenness.” -Michaela Evanow