As part of my ENGL600: Editing, Layout, & Publishing course at Liberty University, each three to four member editing group has been charged with the task of creating an eBook. We have been using Adobe InDesign to compile each of our 5,000 word essays into one, unpublished eBook format. All relevant aspects of a traditional book are to be included: title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, etc. Following this group project, a course eBook, encompassing the essays of the entire class, will be compiled.

Below is the introduction from my group’s unpublished eBook, Searching For More.

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There is a certain and uncanny longing that is particular to the human spirit, one which hungers. We are a hungry people. We hunger for a million things all at once: community, love, respect, success, belonging. We hunger for purpose. We hunger for peace. This hunger leaves within our souls a voracious and all-consuming void. It causes us to ache. For search as we may, and we do, we are never able to fill it. Just when we think we have kept it at bay, that we have finally outsmarted it, the hunger returns stronger than ever.

Our searching and wandering leads us down many paths, to many places. We overturn each rock and root along our journeys, searching for a remedy to fill our empty places and to mend our broken hearts. We wander down somber paths, all alone; at other times we run at breakneck speed, dodging traffic and bullets alike. The search is relentless because our stakes are high. In the darkest of nights, we fear that we are broken beyond mending. We wake in the morning and live out our days in desperation, hoping against all measure that we are not lost forever and that, somewhere out there, a remedy is waiting. That is what we are all searching for: a remedy. We search for something that will satisfy our hunger, once and for all.

Yet, it seems we have climbed every mountain and combed every valley; we have rejoiced on the summits and we have wallowed in the depths. Where does our help come from? We have not found it, yet. At what point will our searching cease? We want to know who will come for us. Is there someone, someone brave and strong, to come for us at all?

The stories in this book are not so much stories as they are memories. They are memories of searching, sometimes in all the wrong places. These pages hold memories of heartbreak and loss, of joy and hope. On these pages are memories, spilled out with ink, told in the most honest and truthful way. They are memories of searching. They are also memories of finding.

We have found what our souls have longed after. We have searched high and low; we have scaled great heights and escaped many dangers. We have finally seized our rescue. Our rescue has been carried out by our rescuer, and he found us before we ever found him. He swept in at what seemed like the last minute, and he has redeemed our cause:


“I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2


After all our searching, we found our help. We found it in Christ, the lover and healer of broken souls.



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