On Pursuing Your Passions


Nearly three years ago, I earned my Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University. I chose to study animal science, hoped to one day become an equine veterinarian. My sophomore year, I almost switched my major to English instead. I didn’t.

After all this time, my heart still burns for words in a way that has proven inextinguishable. I will begin my pursuit this coming January for a Master of Arts in Professional Writing. My program will be conducted online from Liberty University.

I have never desired something so fervently as I desire this.

 I was required to submit a response on my application, as to why I wanted to pursue a Master of Arts in Professional Writing.

Here is my personal statement.


I am a woman who grew up a girl, dirt under fingernails and tangles in hair. I spent the days of my youth outdoors, running, dreaming. Sprinting the perimeter of my backyard, I would envision myself galloping on four legs, not my own. Engulfed by visions of freedom and strength, I would ride, not run. Ripping through fields atop my imaginary steed, the sensation of a wind-blown mane flapping against my bare knuckles was nearly tangible. I bought my first real pony in the seventh grade.

My dream was to become an equine veterinarian. I applied to Michigan State University and was accepted; I began to study animal science, a preveterinary hopeful. The prospect of veterinary school was always on my mind. Since my childhood days of riding breeches and leather oil, vet school had been my sole endeavor. I expected to leave Michigan State with an education and a marketable degree. However, I left with so much more.

I met my Savior during those four years spent pursuing animal science. It was an altogether unexpected event. His grace wreaked havoc and disorder in every corner of my life. I slammed into the Rock of Ages and He began to dismantle my priorities. He began to whisper to me truths, truths about who He is and who I am in His image; I began to listen. His word has shaped my life, broken it, built it up again. Stripped of all pretense, my passion for the written word came forth.

I am returning to school in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Professional Writing. I am returning to refine and sharpen the gift I have been given: the gift of hope and the ability to share that hope with others, by the stringing together of truthful words. I apply to Liberty University as a published freelance writer, with works featured on The Free Woman blog and in the faith-based publication Thryve Magazine. I have taken online classes with forthcoming Christian author Ann Swindell.

My desire is to pursue a career in the Christian publishing industry. I hope to someday write a book. For, there is no greater call than to use one’s gifts to the glory of God, to be but a vessel of such a hope-filled message. There are many ways to deliver this message. One is the written word, full of power and life. This is the one I choose.

If you had told my childhood self of the freedom I would one day find, not in any four-legged beast but in Christ alone, I would likely not believe you. Yet, Christ has called my name and I will now respond. I will write and weave God’s truth through many pages, letting it touch every narrative. There are many who have yet to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8, NIV). Let them come and let my words be but a beacon, a light in the dark.


Photo by Evy Vogler

2 thoughts on “On Pursuing Your Passions

  1. one is never to young or too old to follow your heart’s call….for your heart is intuitive! New to the blogging experience, my journey is about rebranding aging/retirement if for no one else but myself. I am a grandmother of 7 (soon to be 8) who is determined to find joy and purpose in this new chapter. I just released my first mastered country single! The message……we are never to old to follow our dreams. Please take a visit and follow me as well.


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