Telling Your Story (memoir class)

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We each carry within us a story- a story almost too fragile and wonderful to be limited by words. For, how do you fit a whole life into paragraphs? How do you spill memories, both the sacred and the hurtful, out onto a page with hopeful honesty?

When it comes to telling our story, where do we begin?

Forthcoming author Ann Swindell teaches a writing course, aptly titled “Writing with Grace”.  It’s a four to six week class, depending on the section you take. Ann is a writer of truth, and she teaches from a place of authenticity and sincerity. This is why, with much pleasant anticipation, I have signed up for her newest Memoir course. Tonight we begin!

I am so thrilled to start this class- for the setting aside of other tasks, for time carved out to write, for Ann’s wisdom. I’m learning how to tell my story, slowly, in words.

This is how we tell our stories: honestly, vulnerably and hopefully. We capture them somehow in medium – the immaterial wrapped up in the physical. We spill out our stories in words or paint or dance; we capture them. We give them faces and colors and names. We show the world.

I urge you to give thought to your story, to give it a safe space to breathe, to expand. Your story matters and it is worth being told. Tell it, in whatever form seems most honest and fitting for you.






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