Miles to Paris

Untitled design (5)

So many miles that separate, but let us unite.

Let us be brave.

Please let us be brave.

In a whisper, let us be brave enough to feel.

I ask my own hardened heart to be opened and touched raw by tragedy and injustice; to awaken from its comfortable slumber with widened eyes, taking in the horror. For it is everywhere, and my callous heart has grown immune to the suffering of the world.

I confess: that I have to shut my eyes just to try to feel it. I have to cringe and clench my eyelashes just to conjure up the images, the emotion. Yet, this is real.

So I imagine my sister as one who sat in the concert hall; I imagine it was my friend who was taken hostage. Their blood on other people’s clothing. I try to enter into that place, just to try to understand the pain…

So many miles.

I pray, God- let us bear the weight and feel the burden for what has been so frightfully undone.



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